Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hello Wonderful Families!
I am so hoping that March goes out like a lamb.  Our kiddos are in desperate need some outside play time.  Here are some important notes for the upcoming weeks!

Outdoor Footwear
Please be aware that the playground and field at MMH are a bit of a VERY WET disaster at the moment.  Even though the streets are dry and it seems as though running shoes should be ok, it's proving to be a major problem for many students at recess.  Please make every effort to be sure your child has indoor shoes and perhaps wears rain boots for the next few days if they are inclined to migrate towards the water.  Thanks so much!

Everyone Can Play Project Showcase
As mentioned in my previous post, we've been working super hard in grade one on a project where students were asked to design a toy, board game, art project, or musical instrument that will be engaging to someone who is visually impaired. It has been a super fun project and we are excited to show off what we have created! Please consider joining us for our Project Showcase on Wednesday, March 28  between 2:15pm and 3:00pm (this is come and go and you may take your child home with you after you have viewed the showcase). A big part of this project is centered around being able to verbally share our creations with an authentic audience, so it would be great if you are able to stop by! 

Originally we included Thursday morning in our showcase as well, but due to scheduling difficulties we have decided to only showcase on Wednesday during the last 45 minutes of the day.
If you are unable to attend at this time no worries!  Your child will be bringing their project home Thursday and will be able to give you a fantastic demonstration from the comfort of your living room.  

Mrs. Hartwick
Our beloved Mrs. Hartwick is having a birthday on Tuesday!  We are so excited to celebrate her! If your child would like to make her a card/picture etc., to bring to school Tuesday to help with our special day that would be wonderful!

Easter Party
Our Easter Party will take place on March 29 pm.  The following people are signed up to bring snacks:

Cheese and Cracks: Alexa
Fruit: ___________
Veggies and Dip: Gage
Cookies or Muffins: Gracie
Meat and Pickles: ___________
Napkins and Plates:  Gage
*If you'd like to put your name in one of the blanks please let me know!

April 10 Boat Building
If you have any plastic (or other) materials that would be useful for building small boats, it would be great if you could send them to school on or before Tuesday, April 10. Thank you! (lids, containers etc

Important Upcoming Dates
Mar 27 - Hot Lunch
Mar 28 - Everyone Can Play Project Showcase
Mar 29 - Classroom Easter Party  (Due to a family issue I will be away Thursday afternoon.  Mrs. Rita Johnston will be in for me.  My class knows her very well and they are so excited to see her again!)
Mar 30 - Apr 8 - No School, Easter Break
Apr 9 - No School, Professional Learning Day
Apr 19 - Western Day
Apr 24 - Hot Lunch

Friday, March 9, 2018

March Updates

Hi There!
I apologize for it being so long since I've done a blog update!  March has is report card season and it's been crazy busy around our classroom!  Our PBL (click here for a link to explain PBL) project about creating toys for the visually impaired is going so well and has created engaged, organized chaos everywhere!

Here are some important update for the rest of March and into April!

Important school dates can be found here.
Click here for the most recent school newsletter.

We Are Lucky to Be a Family!
Thanks for taking the time to work on your "Lucky to be a Family" shamrocks.  The presentations so far have been fabulous!

Celebration of Learning
March 15  from 5:30-7:00pm is our Celebration of Learning at Mike Mountain Horse.  It is an optional COME AND GO event.  If you plan to attend, you can expect to spend about 20min. with your child in our classroom.  This is student led, and is their opportunity to show off some of the great things we have been up to.  I will be there of course if you have any questions or comments regarding the report card or your child's progress, but if you feel you require a private interview, please book one for Friday morning (16th) through the school website (instructions below).  If you have NOT already heard from me, I am not requesting an interview with you at this time.  Thanks!

Show and Share
I have to extend a big thanks to all the families for making Show and Share so great this month!  It has been such a wonderful opportunity for students to show of items from their parents jobs.  We've learned so much!  Just a few of the items we've seen are: hearing aids, teacher gear, specialized scissors and hair curler, contact lenses, a semi-truck, police gear, a broken cell phone... just to name a few!

Easter Gifts??
Are you looking for a great gift from the E.B.?  Many of the students are running low on pencil crayons and wax crayons at this time of year.  New wax crayons will be their gift from me for Easter, but a new set of pencil crayons might also be wonderful!

Easter Party
Our Easter Party will take place on March 29 pm.  The following people are signed up to bring snacks:

Cheese and Cracks: Alexa
Fruit: ___________
Veggies and Dip: Gage
Cookies or Muffins: Gracie
Meat and Pickles: ___________
Napkins and Plates:  Gage
*If you'd like to put your name in one of the blanks please let me know!

Everyone Can Play
We would love to show off our PBL projects!  If you would like to come and see your child's completed project and hear all they have learned about creating engaging activities for the visually impaired, please feel free to come by our classroom on:
Wed. March 28th between 2:15pm and 3:00pm
Thurs. March 29th between 8:30am and 9:15am

Other Important Dates:
Mar 13 - Report Cards Go Home
Mar 15 - Celebration of Learning
Mar 16 - No School, Parent Teacher Interviews
Mar 22 - Career Dress Up Day
Mar 27 - Hot Lunch
Mar 29 - Classroom Easter Party
Mar 30 - Apr 8 - No School, Easter Break
Apr 9 - No School, Professional Learning Day
Apr 19 - Western Day
Apr 24 - Hot Lunch

Additional Information:
How to Book a Parent Teacher Interview
Please see the information below regarding requests for classrooms placements for next year.

Monday, January 29, 2018

February Updates!

Mrs. Fallwell’s Classroom Update

Hi There!  Our classroom has many exciting events / projects coming up! 

February 9th: PL DAY NO CLASSES

February 14th is Valentine’s Day!  We have a LOT going on! 

- Gardens Field Trip: 
We would love to go and spend some cheer to our neighborhood seniors home.  This trip will be dependent on parent drivers, so as of now it is a tentative trip.  We are looking for parent drivers to meet us at MMH at 10:20am and transport students to The Gardens.  Drivers will stay with us during the trip and we will return to the school by approximately 11:15am.  If this is something you are able to help out with, please send me an email or write a note in your child’s agenda ASAP.  The trip to The Gardens will include us singing songs, delivering crafts and reading to the residents. 

- Party Time: 
In the afternoon we will be celebrating with a special class snack.  The following families are signed up to bring snacks that day. 
Cheese and Crackers:  Alexa
Fruit:  ________ (if you’d be willing to sign up for this please let me know!)
Veggies and Dip: Gage
Cookies or Muffins: Gracie
Meat and Pickles:  ________   (if you’d be willing to sign up for this please let me know!)
Napkins and Plates: Gage

- Valentines
If your child would like to bring Valentines they are welcome to do so between Feb. 12th  and 14th. 
Here is our class list!

Mrs. Hartwick
Mrs. Fallwell

February 15th   
Jersey Day:  Come dressed in your favourite team jersey!  There will also be a spirit assembly at 12:45pm.

February 16th
100 Day Celebration: 
Volunteers needed!  If you are able to help out with our 100 Day celebration (grades 1& 2 only) in the gym, please let me know ASAP.  I am in need of one or two volunteers that morning to help managed two very simple stations.  Very little instruction/help will be needed, you will simply be handing out supplies and tidying the area throughout the morning.  Thanks so much!

February 27:  Hot Lunch
February 28:  Pink Shirt Day

February 28th
Field Trip to the Galt Museum:
Volunteers needed!  Our class will be visiting the museum from 9am-11am.  We are taking a bus, but I do need at least 2 parents to meet us there and stay for the trip to assist with supervision.  If you’d be interested, please let me know ASAP. 

March 15:  Celebration of Learning from 5:30-7:30pm. 
This is a come and go event, you can plan to spend approximately 15minutes in the classroom.  This is a chance for your child to show off to you!
March 16:  Interviews (no school)
If you are feeling the need for a private interview, they can be booked for this morning.  More information to come.

Sight Words: 

Two weeks ago many students received a list of sight words that required a bit of extra practice.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It is very obvious who is practicing and it is making a huge difference very quickly.  Even the students are noticing how things are getting easier during reading time!  Way to go!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Hello Families!

It's so hard to believe that we are more than half way through January!  I'm so grateful for every day I have with this wonderful group and am so excited to see them thriving!
Just a few quick things for the week ahead:

1.  Food Flyers:  I am collecting grocery stores flyers for a food group project next week.  If you have any in your recycling that you could pass on to us it would be greatly appreciated!

2.  Backwards Day:  Backwards day is this Thursday.  While most backwards activities will take place at school, your child is welcome to dress in a "backwards way" if they wish!

3.  PBL Project:  We have started a very exciting project in Science entitled "Everyone Can Play".  Your child will soon be designing and creating a toy/art project/game/instrument that would be engaging and purposeful to someone with visual impairments.  Keep your eyes out for a request for materials coming home soon.  While we will be buying many of the materials needed, we are hoping to collect some through donations as well.  Thanks so much!

As always, please feel free to stop by or email me anytime if you have any questions or concerns!  
Thanks so much for continuing to support your child in learning!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Welcome Back!
I hope everyone had a rewarding and relaxing break during the Christmas season.  It was so great to hear about all the wonderful traditions and activities your families were a part of.  There are a few things that are up and coming for you to be aware of.  Thanks so much!

The Grade One teaching team is still in need of some regular volunteers beginning next week
Twice a week, for one hour at a time, our first graders are going to be combined in levelled literacy groups for some very targeted instruction and focused learning!  We are so excited about the possibilities of this new program but are in need of some adult volunteers to help work with small groups during this time.  
If you are interested in helping out regularly or even once in a while, please respond via email to your child's teacher ASAP.

Help is required:
Mondays from 12:30pm-1:25pm (Please arrive 10 min. early to receive your instructions)
Thursdays from 8:50am-9:50am (Please arrive 10 min. early to receive your instructions)

Thank you so much!
The MMH Grade One Teaching Team

We are beginning a fantastic PBL (project based learning) science project in the coming weeks.  It might sound strange but I'm in need of some corks to make stamps with.  If you have any lying around, anything remotely similar to the one in the picture would be great!

Just a friendly reminder to please record the name of the book your child read the night before in your child's agenda each day.  Home reading books should be at your child's instructional level, meaning they will need assistance from a grownup but the book should not be frustrating.  Please make a note in your child's agenda or send me an email if you believe your child is ready to have their RAZ Kids level increased.  I may also increase your child's level on my own based on assessments, but if at any time you feel it is not the right place for your child, please let me know.  
Sight words are SO important.  Please be sure your child is very familiar with the words of the week as these are ones that they will encounter often and that many times do not follow "the rules".  
Thanks so much!

Jan. 12:  Deadline to order hot lunch
Jan. 23:  Hot lunch
Jan. 25:  Backwards Day and Spirit Assembly

Below is the link to the MMH January newsletter.  Please read it over.
Click Here

Just a reminder to PLEASE label all your child's winter items.  While we are always sure our classroom closet is empty at the end of the day, often children remove mitts etc. at recess then forget them outside or take them off in the boot room and leave them behind.  It is SO helpful to see a lost mitten and be able to find its owner right away!  Thanks again!